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Title: The Essence of An Adventure is Exploration
Series: Beelzebub
Rating: T
Genre: Zestiria-AU. Humour/Friendship.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Oga Tatsumi, Baby Beel, Furuichi Takayuki, Hildegarde, Lamia.
Warnings: Language/swearing, terrible puns and fourth wall breaking #soreynotsorey?? lol
Summary: Darkness has awakened once more in the fair lands of Glenwood; destiny has sent forth its unlikeliest hero in the form of the young Shepherd Oga. Will he bear the burden of bringing salvation to humanity or plunge it further into chaos and calamity? Either way, at least he’s handsome, or so they say.
A/N: A gift for Thebes ♥ This doesn’t even cover all those unfilled prompts you’ve sent me eons ago, but I hope this makes up for it a little. Many thanks also to Digi for helping me beta this; you are the best bro when it comes to inspiring/motivating me to finish my stuff! :p
Disclaimer: Bamco didn’t pay me to write any of this – I’ve just been roasting in Zestiria hell. [Wind Shrine theme plays dramatically in background]

He pulled himself back to his feet; his eyes were devilishly bright with the fire of battle once more, the Shepherd’s emblem on his glove aglow with magic. )

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Title: Catch Me If You Can!
Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Rating: T
Genre: Magical Girl AU (CCS, to be exact). Action/Friendship.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sasagawa Kyoko, Reborn, Sawada Tsunayoshi, Miura Haru.
Warnings: None really... unless you dislike magical girls and Cardcaptors.
Summary: "If you want me," Kyoko called, hovering just out of reach from the rogue card, "then come and catch me!”
A/N: Written for my skype buddy SBL's prompt 'Tsuna and Kyoko in a ballroom setting/Kyoko in a really pretty gown.' Three-sentence fic, MORE LIKE 2000 FIVE HUNDRED WORDS PLUS PLUS. This... got away from me a bit, and lol, I'm sorry if it isn't really glamorous or fluffy. But at least you get mahou shoujo Kyoko in a pretty dress and Tsuna being all awkward? Hope you'll enjoy reading this anyway ♥

"That's definitely a Vongola card." )
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Title: holding on to greet the dawn
Series: Final Fantasy XIII
Rating: T
Genre: AU. Family/Friendship.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Serah Farron/Snow Villiers, Oerba dia Vanille/Oerba yun Fang, Lightning, Hope Estheim
Warnings: None, except slight cheese and angst.
Summary: Serah paused, fingers hovering over the pack as she slowly released the breath she hadn’t realise she’d been holding, turning around to meet her sister’s steady gaze. “I’m going after the Harusame pirates to save Snow. And after that, I’ll go the Council to plead our case and get help to free Nova Chrysalis from the Federation.”
A/N: For Digi's prompt "Serah/Snow, space" for the three-sentence fic meme on Tumblr.... did I say three-sentence fic? more like FIVE HUNDRED PLUS WORDS I am awful at Math, so sue me. This somehow ended up more as a slightly cheesy/angsty Serah-centric, sibling and friendship fic and not as much Serah/Snow as I’d liked, but I REALLY DID TRY I’M SO SORRY. Also also, I hope you like melodramatic space opera AUs :D

[My Hands plays dramatically in background]

“I… don’t know how long I’ll take, but I’ll come back once I find him. We’ll come back and–” )
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Title: and time makes fools of us all
Series: Beelzebub
Rating: T
Genre: AU. Humour, Friendship
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Furuichi Takayuki/Oga Tatsumi
Warnings: None, save for Oga’s general obtuseness.
Summary: This is it, he thinks. The day that he, Furuichi Takayuki – twenty years old and a college senior with an exuberant future ahead – finally comes of age and becomes a full-fledged man.
A/N: Written for prez-koko's prompt "Soul-timer AU" for the three-sentence fic meme on Tumblr.... did I say three-sentence fic? more like FIVE HUNDRED PLUS WORDS I am awful at Math, so sue me. The soul-timer AU seems to be inspired by this movie.. at least, that's what Google tells me.

And there she is – doe-eyed and a radiant smile, her hair a cute, wavy bob – appearing by the gate, just as the number on his Timer switches from twenty to nineteen seconds. )

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Title: a trivial comedy of serious people
Series: Beelzebub
Rating: T
Genre: AU. Humour, Friendship
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Furuichi Takayuki/Oga Tatsumi, Kunieda Aoi, Ōmori Nene, Tanimura Chiaki, Hanazawa Yuka.
Warnings: Oga’s general obtuseness and proclivities for violence.
Summary: Enforcer Oga Tatsumi wasn't known as 'Mad Dog Oga' without reason - impulsive and reckless, he was always ready to jump into the fray, no matter the danger. His attempts to help Inspector Furuichi win a date, however, prove only to be inefficacious. Psycho-Pass AU (aka Daily Life with Inspectors & Enforcers AU).
A/N: For my lovely bro Thebibi, who requested for the prompt 'ogafuru psycho pass au'. Thanks for being the main reason why I picked up reading Beelzebub again thanks also for inadvertently leading me unto the Ogafuru ship THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. This was written at the spur of the moment, so apologies beforehand for any errors or oddly-phrased sentences.

“I see a confident, handsome, kind-hearted young man who is just as charming and irresistible. Now who wouldn’t want a date that?” )
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Title: (we’re) all stories in the end
Series: Final Fantasy XIII
Rating: T
Genre: Gen, Humour, Friendship/Family
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Hope Estheim + Lightning Farron, Hope Estheim/Lightning Farron (?? kinda sorta… just not in the conventional sense, I guess), Serah Farron/Snow Villiers, Alyssa Zaidelle, Sazh Katzroy, Dajh Katzroy, Noel Kreiss. Brief mentions of Yaag Rosch, Oerba Yun Fang,  Oerba Dia Vanille and Paddra Nsu-Yeul.
Warnings: Contains some minor violence with a butter knife, but nothing serious. Also, lots of HopeLight bromance and family/friendship feels.
Summary: In which the day is bright and glorious, and Hope decides to skip work for once (le gasp, shock, horror). Post-LR.

A/N: Written for my bros Hika and Digi, and for the FFXIII kinkmeme on DW. Prompt was ‘Hope/Light, post-LR making up for lost time.'This… probably wasn’t what the OP had in mind, but it was all I come up with. Plus, I really couldn’t resist writing some Hope+Lightning brotp moments and a family/friendship fic for this series. Inspired also by this song.

Hope knew he should feel sorry for the man. But a hundred years and more of mental trauma and torment at the hands of a merciless god had, perhaps, left a touch of schadenfreude within him. )

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Title: ever after
Series: Gintama
Rating: T
Genre: AU, Family fluff
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sakata Gintoki/Tsukuyo, Dia and Block, with brief mentions of Kagura, Shinpachi, Katsura and Elizabeth
Warnings: None really, except for my attempts at something slightly introspective and humorous at the same time.
Summary: Love and happily ever afters had never been something she’d given much thought about, not when there were bigger things out there in the world.
A/N: A surprise birthday ficlet for my lovely madao bro,[ profile] waketozee. Happy birthday, dear! This was a little rushed and cluttered, but I hope you like it still ^^;

"Before sunrise, these monkeys are your kids." )

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Title: Concerning Birthdays and All Things Fowl
Rating/Genre: PG-13. Friendship/Family/Humour.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Artemis Fowl II, Holly Short, Angeline Fowl, Artemis Fowl Senior, Beckett and Myles Fowl, Mulch Diggums. Mentions of Butler, Juliet Butler, Foaly, N°1 and Trouble Kelp. Platonic Artemis+Holly (or ambiguous Artemis/Holly, depending on how you wish to read it).
Warnings: None, except for Artemis' two left feet and a single nightmarish instant of a hairy derrière.
Summary: In which Angeline decides to celebrate Artemis' twenty-first birthday the traditional Fowl way - complete with folk music, merry-making and Irish step-dancing - and Artemis feels like weeping. Hilarity Ensues.

A/N: For Digi, who is always willing and the first one to read all my stories. This was inspired, in part, by the LOTR song, Flaming Red Hair and by a Tumblr headcanon post about how Arty's parents would be great Irish step-dancers (while he failed miserably at it, lol).

I have loved this series for a good ten over years and after finally finishing The Last Guardian three months ago, I suddenly feel an awful hollowness in my heart, as if I've just lost a terribly close childhood friend. So this fic is a tribute to my favourite children's book: to Artemis and Holly; to Butler and Juliet, bless their faithful hearts; Mulch, Foaly, Julius, N°1 and all of LEPrecon; to the fabulously wicked Opal Koboi and her unfortunate henchmen; to Myles and Beckett, and Angeline and Artemis Snr. But most of all, to Eoin Colfer, for giving us eleven (twelve?) wonderful years of Artemis and his magical adventures :')

Artemis eyed his mother suspiciously as he helped tie the other end of the streamer. "When you say casual, you do mean 'relaxed and unconcerned' as opposed to 'T-shirt and jeans', correct?" )

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Title: Gossamer Threads Between Our Hearts
Rating/Genre: PG-13. Fluff/Humour/Romance.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Levi/Petra Rall, Eren Jaeger, with brief mentions of Zoe Hange.
Warnings: Levi's language, but that's a given, I suppose.
It had taken her a while, at first – because Levi, being Levi, was a stubborn little shit, as usual – but she’d found a way to coax him into it eventually.
A/N: A ficlet based on Samiy's cute little doodle, and written while this song was playing in the background.

“Sir? Are you all right? You’ve got that constipated look about you again–” )

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Title: Thieves, Like Books, Should Not Be Judged By Their Covers (You never know what you find once they open up)
Genre: Fantasy/RPG-AU, Humour, Friendship.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Sakata Ginko/Tsukuo, Kamui, with mentions of Hinowa and Housen, and a cameo by Mysterious Person A.
Warnings: Genderbending, mild language, crack.
Summary: Sakata Ginko was the best thief in Housen's gang of pickpockets, never failing to evade capture, until she tried stealing from the apprentice mage, Tsukuo and got more than she'd bargained for. Figuratively speaking, of course (because thieves don't bargain, they nick things, dammit). Hilarity ensues.

A/N: For [ profile] waketozee, who requested for genderbent!GinTsu eons ago. Sorry this took so long, dearie!

"Oi, oi, what's with all this gruff talk? If you're trying to sound like the victimized, unsung hero, you're in the wrong story! This is a Gin Tama fan-fiction, and I'm Ginko. So I'm the hero of this story, got it?" )

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Title: Respite
Rating/Genre: PG-13. Fluff, Romance (Ambiguous established relationship of sorts?)
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Levi/Petra Rall, with brief mentions of Zoe Hange and Moblit.
Warnings: Levi's language, but that's a given, I suppose.
Summary: Levi and Petra share an interlude of calm amidst the bluebells.

A/N: Inspired in part, by these two cute fanarts and by the new SnK OST. IDK, these two (well, the whole of the Special Ops Squad, actually) have whelmed me with truckloads of emotions, so something had to be done  /weeps

''I'm assuming there's a very good reason for the flowers in your hair," he remarks drily, though not unkindly. They do look nice on her, after all. )
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Title: Fallen Comrades Shall Always Be Remembered
Rating/Genre: PG-13 / Humour
Warning: Character "death",  ridiculous crack and uh, crap.
Characters: Shimura Shinpachi, Kagura, Sakata Gintoki, Sadaharu.
Summary: Fallen comrades shall always be remembered — especially when their smell still lingers in the backdrop.

A/N: Written in my attempt to break out of this mini writer's block. For the prompt "one character mourning another character's death." I tried.

Casting his gaze around, he sees no one, only burning debris and clutter – an aftermath of a huge explosion. )

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Title: And Here We Are Again / After Stories
Rating/Genre: PG-13. Drama/Romance
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Tsunemori Akane / Kougami Shinya
Summary: And here we are again, once more, standing over the edge – breathing, faltering.

A/N: Set post-series, several years into the future, where Akane and Shinya meet again. Inspired in part by these two lovely fanart and fancomic, and also by this beautiful song.

Things would never go back the way they were before, this much she knows. )

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Title: Whether it's about winning or losing, just gimme my goddamn mayonnaise already!
Rating/Genre: PG-13 / Humour
Warning: Mayonnaise, language and a healthy dose of ridiculous crack.
Characters: Hijikata Toushirou, Elizabeth. Featuring also, the rest of the esteemed Shinsengumi as well as cameos by Zura and Gintoki.
Summary: In which Hijikata has a bad day at work and finds solace in the unlikeliest quack–uh, person… thing.

A/N: For my madao bro [ profile] waketozee, the one responsible for getting me sucked into this acid trip of a series. Zee, this is all your fault.


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Title: Dreaming of Electric Sheep
Rating/Genre: PG-13. Human-AU/Steampunk-Sci-fi/ Friendship.
Character(s)/Pairing(s): fem!Greece/Japan, Sealand
Warnings: None really, unless you’re bothered by genderbends and robots.
Summary:  "So he wished then, as he secretly always did – for something new, something different." Written for the Giripan Winter Exchange, for [ profile] ty1407's three prompts: ‘sky’, ‘kitchen’ and ‘dark’.

Notes: Immeasurable thanks to my bro [ profile] tinywhitekitty for the beta Title comes from Philip K. Dick’s awesome sci-fi novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

he looked up to see a sliver of light streaking across the bright azure of the morning sky )
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Title: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Belarus/Japan, Greece/Japan.
Rating/Genre: R/NC-17. Modern-AU, Drama. Crossover(?)
Summary: In which The Bride seeks to right the whole, bloody affair. Loosely based on Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill.
Warnings: Some violence, sex and character death(s).

A/N: "You should write a Kill Bill crossover AU fic with Japan as The Bride LOL" was a random prompt my friend dared me with. Add that to some late-night inspiration... and well, this ficlet happened.

“Was he a screamer in bed too, like you?” )
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Title: Towards the Unforeseeable Tomorrow
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Germany/North Italy.
Rating/Genre: PG-13 / Introspective, Fluff, Friendship.
Summary: Regardless of how he feels inside, Veneziano is always smiling. Based on this strip.
A/N: Written for owlbro [ profile] counterheist, because she was having a crappy week and needed some cheering-up. As it was written at 5AM, it may or may not come across as a little disjointed in some places. Also, hey, look, it's not a Giripan fic!

He doesn’t want to make Germany worry again, but he also doesn’t know what else to do when he’s afraid )

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Title: Finally We Are No One
Character(s)/Pairing(s): fem!Greece/Japan, mentions of male!Ancient Greece
Rating/Genre:  PG-13, Drama, Hurt/Comfort
Summary: In which Artemis finally bids farewell to a friend
Warnings: Human-AU, gender-bends, slight introspective angst
Notes:  Artemis = fem!Greece, her father is male!Ancient Greece (yes, I am Captain Obvious). Title comes from a Múm song, which also fits the overall theme of the fic.

In the end, we’re all alone. )

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Title: Kazoku
Character(s): Kaburagi Kaede, Kaburagi T. Kotetsu, Japan
Rating/Genre: PG / Family-centric, Introspective
Summary: In which Kaede is overwhelmed with paternal love and has a strange encounter by the koi pond.
Warnings: Hetalia/Tiger&Bunny crossover-verse, my attempts at being pretentiously profound. Or something, idek.
Notes: This is my first time writing Kaede and Kotetsu here, so apologies if they sound a little OOC. In fact, I think even Japan probably sounds OOC too >_> 

I have NO IDEA what’s going on in this fic, except that I wanted to write a birthday fic for Japan. So well, anyway, お誕生日おめでとうございま, !

"The cold set in earlier this time." )


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